Jennifer Jones, a champion amongst us

Jennifer Jones, a champion amongst us

National Bank and all its employees would like to seize the occasion to congratulate Jennifer Jones, senior legal counselor at our National Bank Winnipeg head office, and captain of her curling team.

In a recent interview with the Globe & Mail, Jennifer Jones mentionned how her hard work and perseverance paid off.

“It’s a dream come true,” Jones said. “A lot of hard work that’s paid off and I don’t think the magnitude of it has sunk in yet.”

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Before joining the National Bank team as a laywer, Jennifer Jones worked for six years at Wellington West. However, long before that, she started working towards her dream of becoming one of the world’s top curlers. Learn more about her journey.

Learn more about Jennifer Jones big win in the following video:
Video interview with Jennifer Jones by the Globe & Mail

Link : 
Jennifer Jones : National Bank lawyer and Canadian Athlete


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