"Vague", a sculpture by Montreal artist Patrick Coutu

Introducing “Vague”, the most recent addition to National Bank’s art collection

National Bank is proud to present Vague, a sculpture by Montreal artist Patrick Coutu, winner of the first National Bank Collection contest launched last December.

This work of art, the most recent addition to the Bank’s impressive corporate collection, can be viewed by clients and the general public in the area reserved for art exhibitions in the Bank’s newly renovated flagship branch at 600 De La Gauchetière West in downtown Montreal.

The idea behind “Vague
Vague is as majestic as it is intriguing.  Made of 2,705 bronze pieces, the sculpture weighs 275 kilograms and is more than 1.6 metres high and 2 metres wide. It is inspired by the Golden Number ((√5+1)/2) or 1.61803399…), which is widely found in both natural and human designs.

The geometric model used by the artist is particularly evident in the repetitive form of waves on the ocean. Interestingly enough, the same mathematical models used to understand fluid dynamics are also used to analyze stock market fluctuations.

The artistic process in creating Vague
“Patrick Coutu won the jury members over with his artistic concept, presentation and maquette. The sculpture’s two component parts (+ and – signs) are combined in a way that suggests both upward and downward movements as well as horizontal motion. This work of art perfectly fits into the gallery space of our flagship branch and is a wonderful addition to our extensive art collection,” said Jo-Ann Kane, art historian, Curator of National Bank’s art collection and President of the Association des Collections d’entreprises du Québec. Ms. Kane has also been an independent member of the Board of Directors of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec since April.

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